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<Sites examples>

  Advantages of a web site
An open window on the entire world
The presentation of your Company will soon be visible for the entire world, all day and all night. Your site will be a huge window, or even better, a huge sales hall which will make yuor dreams come true.
In year 2014, more than 50% of all transactions will be done through the Internet.
All analyses prove that the Internet become more and more important and that it will soon become a necessary space for commercial enterprises. The sooner you site will be online, the sooner you will have your own place in this worldwibe network.
Embellish the image of your mark
Having your email adress on your visiting card is a good thing. But being able to give the address of your site brings your Company in the upper class.
Less agents, more attractive prices
For certain companies, all the different agents make the prices rise and less attractive as a result. Placing your product on the Net makes you be able to sell it directly to the customer to a more attractive price.
The new generation searches more and more on the Internet
Using the Yellow Pages and minitel becomes unusual for young consumers. Actually, product and service searches find more and more place throught the Internet. It's not justified to deny this group of consumers, especially not as the investment for the Internet is lower than the usual printed publicity.
Offer additional online services
Your site can make it possible to estimate prices and costs. That way, the customer can do several simulations before contacting you which results in wasting less time when the customer needs infromation from you.
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Your Key site "on gate"
Creation :
During the first maintenance we give you an explanatory form intended to gather all information necessary to the presentation of your activity on the Internet network. A programmer carries out an analysis in order to determine the best formula for the realization of your site. A graphic designer deals with the formatting and proposes to you a layout.
The realization :
The texts intended for the presentation of your activity are put on page at format HTML (HyperText Markup Language). Your photographs or logos are scanned by our care and are integrated in your Web pages, WWW (World Wide Web). Creation of a menu and insertion of the pages as well as possible links towards other sites. Insertion of your address email which will make it possible to the surfers (potential customers) to contact you. Insertion of a meter which enables you to consult (free) many statistics concerning the accesses to your site (Example: a number of access to your site according to the days of the week, the months of the year or peak hours' of day etc.) Configuration of the "key words" (list or combination of words likely to be used by the "surfers" of Internet when they carry out the search for your site via a search engine such as Yahoo, ALTAVISTA, VEILED etc). Reservation and hiring of a space intended to lodge your site near the provider (provider of access and space WEB). Once the local test of the site carried out, it will be transferred by ftp (File Protocol Transfer) to be lodged at the provider. Referencing of your site among the principal world search engines according to your "words key" This referencing is intended to add your site to index these search engines such as Google, Yahoo, ALTAVISTA, etc. After having chosen your domain name, such as www.MaSociete.be, a request will be carried out by our care near the official organization (DNS) which deals with making the connection towards your site.
A site "Low cost"
Your calling card on Internet :
Realization of your page of pub on the WEB (+-format A4) with integration of one of your photographs scanned by our care like your logo. Also includes/understands lodging, the key integration of the words as well as referencing near the principal search engines.
Sites "To measure"
Your personalized site :
Static pages: Pages HTML with menu, photographs, texts and links towards other pages, professional design. Dynamic pages, stores (E-trade) and forms: Pages Asp (Activates Server Page). Necessary when your site is intended to display lists of information extracted from a base of data according to criteria defined by the user. EXAMPLES:
1. For the site of an estate agency, the user can ask for the list of the "villas", "has to rent", "with swimming pool", "in Spain"
The site says "dynamic" will be able to extract from a base from given all information corresponding to these criteria among all the hirings available.
2. Your "On-line" store on Internet!
  Demo E-commerce and dynamic Web pages
  ASP Programmation  
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