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Startingblock - Start list generator for golf competitions

The Startingblock app is used to generate a list of tee times for golf competitions from the registration file (CSV) exported from i-golf .be

The StartingBlock application allows in this list of departures to generate classified flights according to a series of criteria and remarks of participants accessible from its user interface.

Startingblock will generate a list of flights that will automatically be sorted by handicap odre by frame (time ranges)
Once created automatically, the software allows a manual intervention on this classification and this before the export. Once generated, the list can be reimported in the site i-golf.be

The sorting and selection criteria are:

- The number of players per flight
- The delay between flights departures
- Set a random sort factor to not always find the same players together
- The start time of each Frames (time slots)
- The maximum number of times a player can play with another (in the same flights)
- Consider remarks for players who want to play late or early in a time slot
- Consider medical certificates for players who can play buggy
- Consider the couples so that they do not find themselves in the same flights but in a close departure to avoid the long wait of the couples who arrive together.
- Take into account the carpools to form the flights
- Consider a blacklist to train the flights
- Consider requests to play with another player to form the flights
- Consider requests to NOT play with another player to form the flights
- Consider the choke and position it in the last flights