Senior full-stack Programmer

Custom Programming

Our specialties:

Development of IoT (Internet of Things) applications (C++ language).

The IOT allows via a network of physical micro terminals (ESP32/ESP8266) to exchange information or control devices, vehicles or machines.
These microcontrollers, to which all imaginable sensors can be connected, make it possible to connect to other terminals via the internet WIFI or 4G/5G (mobile phones, computers) and/or other systems and therefore to control or exchange data with them.

Some examples of ARCHIEVEMENTS

Some examples of analog or digital sensors

Accelerometer (detect rotation and acceleration)
Hall effect (detecting a magnetic field)
Currents, voltage, Watts (consumption, production of electricity)
Capacitive (detect touch)
Angles, distance (ultrasound, laser)
Gas or flames (fire detection)
Temperature, lights (infrared, UV)
Noise, sound, ultrasound,
Weights, forces, levels
Altitudes, pressures
Position, proximity, speed (GPS)
Biometric sensor

These sensors, through these processors and appropriate programming, allow (remote) control of:

Computers, alarms, motors, switches, solenoid valves, vehicles, drones, doors, lighting, ventilation, heating, batteries, …

Stock management and invoicing, programmer and custom programmer

(C++, B4X Android, VBNET, Visual Basic VB6, classic ASP, AJAX, PHP, WordPress MSAccess, Javascript, SQL, SQL Server, Mysql)

Here you will find programmers for pricipale C++, PHP, VBNET (dotnet) programming, Visual Basic (VB6), MySQL, SQL Server, Access and perform custom development (for WordPress development web sites, ASP, with MySQL or SQL).

Mr Ponslet mainly deals with development in languages ASP (Active Server Page), VBNET, Visual Basic (VB6), Access, HTML and Javascript. We also take care of “Web design” and the creation of Internet e-commerce sites (ecom, ecommerce, e-commerce) in Belgium (belgium – belgie), mainly in Brussels (Brussels) in the municipality of Dilbeek.
To complete the projects, a computer (Informatica) specialist office moves (virtual displacement) for customer analysis (data) of custom programming (Visual Basic programs) for software development and the creation of software.

Other softwares we use Visual Basic 6 and Microsoft Access for smaller developments.
For asp programming is Visual Interdev (VBNET) which is our main tool (software). Analysis B.A.R.O.N srl is by JCP Visual Basic is the language mainly used (previously we used vb4 and vb5 and clipper and FoxPro).
DTP is one of our specialties, Dominique Coulon our graphic (graphic designer) of record commonly used Quark Xpress, Photoshop, Illustrator etc … We made many custom applications for clients such as: Ced Samsom, Wolters Kluwer, Cubic , Telco Consultants, Csp.
The “Easy For You” program is one of our products fully programmed by the house, it is a “stock management” and billing that can easily be linked to your accounts (Heaven, Popsy, Cubic, Winbooks and Others)
Bussines Application Research On Networks. Creation of websites, dynamic html , PHP, ASP web pages with Visual InterDev, visual basic, vb6, SQL, HTML, Access, javascript, AJAX, Dreamweaver, clipper, E-Shops (eshop) All programming!

Easy For You Jean-Claude Ponslet